Kuwait :The airport is witnessing a great recovery

The airport is witnessing a great recovery with the summer vacation and the departure of citizens and residents
282 flights carrying 30.6 thousand passengers in the first three days of Eid

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On the way back to normal life, Kuwait International Airport experienced, during the Eid al-Adha holiday, a remarkable recovery movement for travelers after the easing of health restrictions in many countries on the one hand, and many citizens and residents went to spend their summer vacation abroad, on the other hand, especially after Emphasis on the reopening of the return movement for residents, starting from the first of next August.

The Director of the Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Mansour Al-Hashemi, revealed the airport movement, yesterday, Saturday, between the return of passengers who spent the blessed Eid Al-Adha vacation outside the country, and the departure of others.The office is awaiting suggestions for morning and evening shifts

He said, in a statement to Al-Rai, that the number of passengers who arrived in the country yesterday, Saturday, amounted to about 4 thousand, on board 55 flights of various airlines, from several countries, most notably Turkey, Dubai and Doha, and that the number of passengers who left yesterday also reached about 5,600. Passengers on board 58 flights to spend the summer vacation in many countries and to visit family, friends, tourist and recreational places.

Al-Hashemi pointed out that “Kuwait International Airport is witnessing this year, especially when we are on the summer vacation, a revival of air traffic and travel of citizens and residents, after the return of life in many countries that closed their airports last year due to the pandemic of the “Corona” crisis and the fear of many travelers and lack of travel. read all latest [email protected]

He stated that “the Operations Department of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation is holding intensive meetings with all parties operating at Kuwait International Airport, to keep pace with the movement of travel by developing an integrated plan to harness all capabilities, provide all facilities, and overcome obstacles for passengers from entering the airport gate until climbing the plane ladder.” Taking into account all health requirements to face the repercussions of the Corona virus crisis, by placing temperature check devices for all passengers, obligating everyone to wear a mask, allocating seats in transit halls to ensure social distancing, placing floor posters in all airport facilities and distributing brochures to clarify the need to adhere to all Passengers under the conditions of the health authorities.

For his part, Director of the Air Transport Department at the General Directorate of Civil Aviation Abdullah Al-Rajhi said in a special statement that Kuwait International Airport witnessed the operation of 282 incoming and outgoing flights during the 3 days of Eid Al-Adha, with a number of passengers that reached approximately 30.6 thousand passengers.

He stated that the first day of Eid witnessed the operation of about 90 flights, distributed among 44 incoming flights and 46 departures, while the second day of Eid witnessed the operation of about 95 flights between incoming and outgoing flights, and the third day of the Eid witnessed the operation of 97 flights.

Al-Rajhi praised the success of the plan developed by the General Administration of Civil Aviation and the various entities operating at the airport in smoothly running flights in the airport buildings, away from overcrowding and overcrowding, in line with the instructions of the health authorities.

In addition, it is expected that during the next two days, Kuwait International Airport will witness a remarkable movement of return flights to the country, after the end of the Eid al-Adha holiday and the return of many citizens



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