Third Kuwaiti aid plane arrives in Tunisia

The third Kuwaiti aid plane, loaded with a shipment of oxygen, arrived in Tunisia today, Friday, to support its efforts to tackle the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

The Tunisian presidency said in a statement, that this shipment of oxygen falls within the framework of the air bridge, which was approved by the State of Kuwait to support Tunisia and stand by it, in this difficult health circumstance.

She added that the delivery of this new quantity of oxygen came in the presence of the Presidential Adviser in charge of national security, Lieutenant-General Abdel Raouf Atallah, the Director-General of Military Health, Lieutenant-General Doctor Mustafa Al-Ferjani, and Kuwait’s Ambassador to Tunisia Ali Al-Dhafiri.

In recent weeks, Tunisia witnessed a boom in the Corona pandemic, recording record numbers of injuries and deaths.

Kuwait launched an air bridge to provide Tunisia with medical aid and large quantities of oxygen, to be distributed to Tunisian hospitals, which suffer from a severe shortage of this substance. :Source


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