120 thousand passengers leave Kuwait… within a week

Kuwait International Airport regained momentum during the summer vacation that accompanied the Eid al-Adha holiday, the number of travelers began to rise with the expected departure of about 120,000 passengers this week, Al-Rai reported.

The movement of passengers at Kuwait International Airport rebounded after thousands of people packed their luggage, according to the flight schedule about 420 flights are scheduled to leave Kuwait during the Eid Al-Adha holiday.

The observer of the Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation Habib Bou Abbas confirmed that all concerned authorities raised Preparedness and readiness by mobilizing all airport facilities to facilitate the departure of passengers and to overcome all obstacles and provide all facilities according to a plan that was previously developed by integrated health precautions.

Bouabbas told the daily that KIA witnessed the departure of 11,000 passengers on 70 flights on Saturday morning and that the total number of passengers (according to the flight schedule) would reach about 120,000 passengers on about 420 flights, noting that  most of the destinations were to Turkey, Dubai, Doha, Saudi Arabia, and to some European countries for tourism or visiting family and loved ones.


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