Egypt: stranded people demand an acceleration of their vaccinations to return to Kuwait

n official source in the Egyptian Ministry of Health revealed that there is a file that includes a number of Egyptians who work in the State of Kuwait and were suspended during their vacations and were unable to return to Kuwait, asking the ministry to submit the dates of their receipt of the Corona vaccine so that they can return as soon as possible before the expiration of their residencies in Kuwait .

The source added, in exclusive statements to Al-Qabas, that the file included about 100 people, who communicated with some of them through social networking sites, and submitted a request to the Office of the Minister of Health, appealing to speed up their appointment to take the vaccine so that they can travel to Kuwait after Kuwait announced allowing non-nationals to enter Kuwait. Kuwaitis, starting from the first of next August, provided that they receive two doses of the Corona vaccines approved in Kuwait. The source indicated that Egypt relied, at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, on the Chinese Sinopharma vaccine, and then on the AstraZeneca vaccine, and after measuring performance trials, the Ministry headed to provide the Sinofarm vaccine for the elderly and grant AstraZeneca to the youth. The source concluded that Egypt had contracted 25 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which would contribute to accelerating the pace of vaccination


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