The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets health requirements for Kuwaitis to travel to European countries

The Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs, Walid Al-Khubaizi, issued an explanatory table of the health requirements required to enter 38 countries of the European continent, which apply to citizens of Kuwait.

The table, which the newspaper obtained a copy of, indicated that there are 21 countries that Kuwaitis are allowed to enter according to specific requirements, including Kosovo and Albania without health conditions or quarantine, while Germany allowed Kuwaitis to enter as of January 25, provided they obtain a certificate of vaccination with both doses. And 14 days have passed since the last dose.

The table showed that 13 countries are not allowed to enter except with exceptions; For treatment, emergency cases, businessmen, family members, students and their first-degree relatives, asylum seekers, those who have residency, and official delegations; Including Luxembourg until September 30th.

As for the countries that Kuwaitis are not allowed to travel to, they are 3; Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, while Finland has not yet decided whether or not to allow citizens to travel to it, and the ministry is awaiting a response from its embassy in the country.



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