Indians who took Covishield vaccines may register to return to Kuwait; Ambassador address community in Open house

Indians who took Covishield vaccines may register to return to Kuwait; Ambassador address community in Open  house

Ambassador urge all Indian community to remain alert and continue to follow all precautions and instructions of the Government of Kuwait regarding the Covid-19 as the country is witnessing an increase in number of infection. He was briefing the community members during his monthly open house on Wednesday 23rd June.

Ambassador appeals all Indians to submit their passports for renewal at least three months before expiry of validity of passport or residence permit as the country is witnessing increasing number of infection and embassy might have to close down public service on short notice.

In last February, Indian Embassy had closed all public services for a few weeks due to increase in case among the embassy staff.

“You can apply for renewal as early as one year before. Let’s not wait for last minute to apply for consular services,” Ambassador said.

Ambassador also briefed the community on the recent visit of External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar. The visit helped both sides to take the relationship to a new high level of partnership and also address the issues involved, Ambassador said.

Various issues related to the Indian community were discussed with the highest authorities. Points such as ensuring utmost welfare of the Indian community in respective jurisdictions, facilitating reuniting of families separated by Covid disruption, interceding for early return of Indian talent and skills who left the Gulf during the pandemic, encouraging speedy resumption of flights to Gulf destinations to help NRIs and strongly push our trade interests that contribute to economic recovery at home were discussed at highest level.

“The decisions on most of these issues are not in our hands. But let me assure you each of these issues of concern are taken up with the authorities at the highest level. We will continue to follow up on each of these issues”, Ambassador said.

Several Indian expatriates staff of Kuwait’s Ministry of Health who were stranded in India are now returning to Kuwait.

“We are aware of the concerns about vaccination and its approvals in Kuwait,” Kuwaiti authorities are fully aware that Covishield vaccine given in India is the same as the Oxford/Astra-Zenaca vaccine. Those who have taken Covishield vaccines in India may register in the Kuwaiti portal as having taken Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine, Ambassador said. However, the entry is not currently available to those who have taken Covaxin. “We have taken up the issue and will update you as and when we get more information,” Ambassador said.

The Embassy is continuing to accept registration of Stranded Indians and their families, those who lost their jobs, those who did not get their indemnities. Free Tele consultations by our Medical Doctors from Indian Doctors Forum is already on. Other community services such as food Distribution by Indian Community Support Group (ICSG) and free lunch every day for all distressed Indian workers at Embassy are an ongoing process now.

There is also a special Counters at the Embassy for Registration for Vaccination and now for blood donation data. Vaccine Registration Campaign being undertaken by various Associations. Registration for vaccines for those without Civil IDs, Legal Assistance for those in need, with lawyers present physically are now available at the Embassy. The 12 WhatsApp helpline numbers of Embassy are functioning well.

Ambassador warned about private shelters run by illegal agents to bring domestic workers. “We are working with Kuwaiti authorities to bring those people before the law,” Ambassador said. The Indian nationals currently staying in the Embassy shelter are absolutely fine.

During the open house, Protector General of Emigrants and Joint Secretary Shri Yogeshwar Sanghwan, from Delhi attended virtually and briefed various measures taken by the government of India to safeguard the Indian emigrants.

Embassy spokesperson Sri Fahad Suri presented various statistics about Embassy activities. The slides presented by Fahad Suri display a clear and transparent activates of the Embassy to the community members. Large number of Indians attended the Open house virtually. Embassy has been conducting open house every month ever since Sri Sibi George took charge as the Ambassador of India to Kuwait.


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