Yesterday, the Ministry of Health launched a campaign to vaccinate the second dose of the “AstraZeneca Oxford” vaccine for citizens and residents in more than 35 locations, distributed in all regions of Kuwait.

Yesterday afternoon, the medical, nursing, technical and administrative teams received those who were eligible to receive the second dose of those who received text messages, in 30 health centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health, in addition to the Kuwait Vaccination Center in the exhibition grounds in the Mishref area, in addition to the car vaccination site on the South Island in Jaber Bridge. Al-Ahmadi Hospital, affiliated to the oil sector, some military sectors, and inmates of correctional institutions and care homes affiliated with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

For her part, the Director of the Central Department of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dina Al-Dhubaib said that 30 health centers were equipped in various regions of Kuwait, and lists and schedules were prepared for the work of the medical, nursing and administrative staff for this campaign.

She added that the working hours in the health centers will be from three in the afternoon until ten in the evening, pointing out that from 500 to 600 people will be received in each center, as a capacity, in order to preserve the flow and work system inside the centers, and so that there is no crowding between citizens and residents. .

She indicated the completion of the vaccination of 200,000 people within 10 days or less for all citizens and residents waiting for the second dose of “Oxford” vaccines.

Al-Dhubaib called on all citizens and residents waiting for the second dose to adhere to the date and location specified for receiving the vaccination, in order to help facilitate the vaccination process and make it safe and smooth.