Today, the Health Requirements Committee announced the registration of four reports of non-application of the requirements approved by the Council of Ministers to confront the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) in a commercial complex in Hawalli Governorate.

On the sidelines of a tour of one of the governorate’s shopping malls, Ibrahim Al-Sabaan, head of the emergency team in Hawalli Governorate, said that the fines ranged from 500 to 1,000 Kuwaiti dinars, in addition to some violations decided by the court.

He stressed that field tours to implement health requirements and abide by cabinet decisions and campaigns are continuing, noting that teams make surprise tours to monitor violations of shops and complexes.

For his part, Deputy Head of Hawalli Governorate Emergency Team Abdullah Al-Qaoud said that all the supervisory bodies in the Kuwait Municipality have intensified their rounds since the beginning of the pandemic to preserve the safety of citizens and residents.

Al-Qaoud explained that the Kuwait Municipality inspectors are constantly monitoring the application of these requirements to ensure their validity and the commitment of shop owners and employees in them, which contributes to reducing the number of corona infections