The official spokesman for the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources, Talal Al-Daihani, announced that poultry farms have begun to gradually return to the production of local eggs, as Kuwaiti eggs have already begun to be traded in the markets in not large quantities, but it will be a new beginning and a return to the normal situation after a break of nearly two months, following the loss of farms Huge numbers of chickens after being infected with bird flu.

Al-Daihani said in a press statement today, that the director of the animal health department at the authority, Walid Al-Oud, confirmed that the local production today amounts to about 500 cartons per day, expecting that production will double by next month to reach one thousand cartons per day, indicating that the authority is carrying out the process of continuous supervision and follow-up on The farms through providing the necessary immunizations and vaccinations and periodic inspection, as well as carrying out daily inspections in all farms in the Kuwaiti regions, especially the Wafra and Abdali regions, and concluded that the authority, from the first moment of the outbreak of the pandemic, has implemented all the veterinary health procedures followed and the health and preventive requirements to protect livestock from diseases and ensuring food security.