Ysterday, Sunday, the deputy of the Yemeni governorate of Shabwa, Ali Al-Kindi, laid the cornerstone for the “Al-Mubarak Complex 10” residential educational housing project for orphans in the city of Ataq, the governorate center under the supervision of the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charitable Society in Kuwait.

The deputy director of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor office in Shabwa, Saleh Bauhal, expressed in a press statement during the launching ceremony of the project, his deep thanks and appreciation to Kuwait, the Emir, the government and the people, for their great humanitarian and developmental donation to the Yemeni people.

Buhal referred to the great humanitarian and developmental importance of this project that contributes to protecting orphaned children and developing their capabilities to serve the community, as well as strengthening health and educational services.

For his part, Director General of “Ataq” Ali Al-Khulaifi praised the support provided by Kuwait represented in implementing sustainable and high-impact projects in Shabwa and other governorates in light of the difficult conditions Yemen is going through, appreciating the support of the Sheikh Al-Nouri Association for this vital and important project.

In turn, the general director of the “Student Care Society” implementing the project, Wasim Rabihan, explained that the complex includes three buildings that include a health center, a school and an orphanage, indicating that the project aims to contribute to ensuring orphans and providing a suitable environment for them to develop their capabilities and knowledge and provide educational and health services.

Rabihan pointed out that this project is the second of its kind to be launched with the support and financing of the “Al-Nuri Association”, as the “Dr. Rima Al-Sawan Educational and Health Complex” was launched in the “Tarim” district in Hadramout province in early April.