Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The Kuwaiti Fishermen Federation renewed its demand for the necessity of the return of fish auctions in the markets of Sharq and Fahaheel and the reopening of the market to consumers, calling on officials to understand the demands of the Fishermen’s Union and work to remove the challenges facing the important fishing sector.

In a statement today, the federation appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Health to preserve public health and the approval of its officials on the union’s request to vaccinate workers in the fishing sector and the markets of Sharq and Fahaheel. And Fahaheel, workers in the signage offices and the owners of the stalls so that they are ready when the auctions and normal life return.

The Union praised the decision of the Agriculture Authority to start the mead fishing season in the middle of next June, based on the Fishermen Union’s book that included this requirement, calling on officials to work and coordinate with neighboring countries to protect the fish wealth and preserve the common fish stock and Kuwait’s share of this wealth, and to abide by the decisions and charters. And international treaties, and not to allow hunting during times of prohibition, explaining that what is caught in some neighboring countries is an importer, and all these violations must be completely prohibited.

He pointed out that there is a ban period for fishing for al-Zubaidi fish for a period of 45 days, starting from 6/1/2021 until 7/15/2021, and work must be done in the direction of commitment of all neighboring countries, so that some fishermen from neighboring countries do not exceed the overfishing of fish wealth and fishing. Al-Zubaidi during the ban period, which our country, Kuwait, will abide by, excluding some of the neighboring countries.

He also praised the role of the Public Authority for Agriculture in protecting and developing the fishing sector, stressing that the Union extends the hand of cooperation and provides all its capabilities to develop this vital sector that provides food security from marine products, explaining that the Union has some proposals to develop this sector and preserve fish wealth and will present them to the authority in Next period.