Health sources put an end to speculation regarding the travel of vaccinated citizens, especially with regard to the time period required to travel after receiving the vaccination, confirming that whoever receives the second dose of the vaccine can travel directly without the need to spend any period of’s Alrai

The sources confirmed that “everyone who received two doses of vaccines approved in Kuwait is considered immune, and is allowed to travel immediately after receiving the second dose, and during return to the country, the approved procedures for those immunized will be applied to him,” noting that “the return procedures for these are limited.” On submitting a PCR examination within 72 hours before the date of boarding the plane, provided that the result is negative, and registering in the (Kuwait Traveler) app and the (Shlonak) application and submitting a (PCR) swab within 3 days of the date of arrival in Kuwait, and the quarantine is terminated if the result is Negative.

mmunized … 3 classes

1 – Those who received two doses of vaccine.

2- Those who received a single dose and had a period of no less than two weeks ago.

3 – Those recovering from infection with the virus, and their recovery period does not exceed 90 day