Yesterday, the Ministry of Education continued its procedures for renewing the residency of its employees through the “online” system, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior.Report’s aljarida

In this context, the Education Ministry witnessed yesterday the renewal of the residency of a number of employees with the position of “service port”, as the competent authorities in the administrative sector received requests from male and female service implementers to renew their residency through the online system linked with the Ministry of Interior.

Educational sources told that the residency renewal process takes place easily, as the service provider submits a request to renew his residency to book a review appointment for the ministry, and upon his attendance he is received in the auditors ’hall according to a specific arrangement to ensure the existence of social distancing and to maintain order, pointing out that the procedures The renewal of residency and payment of fees is done through electronic devices without any direct contact with the employees who have been allocated by the administrative sector to accomplish this task.

The sources added that the number of service implementers appointed by the Ministry of Education exceeds 2000, the majority of them work in schools and administrations of the Farwaniya Educational Zone, pointing out that the Ministry was keen to renew their residency in order to avoid falling into the fines crisis, after obtaining the approvals of the Ministry of the Interior, which cooperated with the “Education” by providing Accounts for a number of its employees to complete residency renewal processes.

She stated that the residency renewal process continues until the last transaction is completed, as it is expected that the renewal of all residency permits for the service implementers will be completed within two weeks, pointing out that the residency renewal processes for teachers and administrators are also continuing through the online system.

In another area, the Secretary of the Teachers Association, Ayed Al-Subaie, announced that the association submitted several proposals to the Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf on amending the academic calendar after postponing the twelfth grade examinations, explaining that the proposals include the implementation of the decision to amend the timing of the school day issued on the 22nd of this month, which indicates the beginning of the summer vacation for primary and intermediate school workers and technical mentors with the end of Thursday, June 17th, and for the secondary phase with the end of the working hours Thursday, early July, except for those assigned to do high school exams.

Al-Subaie stated, in a press statement yesterday, that the association also proposed an amendment to the beginning of the school year 2022/2021 for school administrations in the secondary stage to be September 29 instead of September 19, and the start of teachers ’attendance at the secondary stage will be next October 3, adding that the association also submitted a proposal to increase the reward Those assigned to do high school exams in schools due to their efforts during that period.