Today, Wednesday, the Kuwaiti medical and relief aid convoy headed from Cairo to the Rafah border crossing, in preparation for entering the Gaza Strip, in order to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Head of the Kuwaiti delegation, Director of Disaster and Emergency Management at the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society, Yousef Al-Maraj, said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency that the Kuwaiti Red Crescent is considered “the first volunteer team to enter the Gaza Strip.”

Al-Maraj indicated that the Kuwaiti Red Crescent responded urgently to providing support to the Gaza Strip and providing medicines and medical supplies to keep pace with the acute consumption of these materials as a result of the situation there, in addition to providing materials to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic and foodstuffs.

He indicated that medical aid will be delivered to the Palestine Red Crescent Society for distribution to hospitals suffering from a lack of medical supplies.

He said that the Kuwaiti convoy was carrying 85 tons of aid, including nearly 1,000 food baskets that were bought from the Egyptian local market.

He added that the food basket is sufficient for one family for two weeks and contains basic materials such as (rice, lentils, oil, sauce, sugar, salt and canned goods).

He stated that the relief aid that will be distributed by the Kuwaiti Red Crescent and its Palestinian counterpart will focus on those affected by the Israeli aggression, including orphans, shelters and health centers.

Al-Maraj said that the Kuwaiti Red Crescent team in the Gaza Strip will make a field visit to the affected areas and hospitals to assess the damage and urgent humanitarian needs, in addition to checking on the safety of the wounded and identifying the most important health needs that Gaza hospitals need.

He stressed that hundreds of wounded Palestinians are in urgent need of treatment and medicine, while dozens of families are left without shelter, food or medicine after their homes were destroyed.

In this regard, he called on citizens, businessmen, companies and banks to donate to the relief campaign (with you, Palestine) and to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinians by providing urgent health and food services to those affected.