Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Traffic Department, announced that starting today (Sunday) procedures for exporting vehicles to outside Kuwait will be facilitated, as the export transaction will be completed through technical inspection offices located at border crossings in cooperation with the General Administration of Customs – Land Customs Department.

And it indicated in a statement to «the keenness to find the best solutions in overcoming obstacles to vehicle owners during the process of exporting them outside the country through border ports, and to activate the important and common role between the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Traffic Department – Technical Inspection Department and the General Administration of Customs – Land Customs Department ».

She explained that the work will be 24 hours a day, according to the official procedures and steps followed for the vehicle exportation procedures.

The procedures for exporting vehicles outside the country through the border crossings include the following:

  1. Making insurance papers with vehicle data and the type of insurance transaction is (export only).
  2. Going to the technical inspection office at border crossings to inspect the vehicle and remove the vehicle’s metal plates, and the office will issue an export certificate + clearance certificate and first owner’s certificate (upon request of the vehicle’s owner or his legal representative) and pay the fees due (according to Article 202 From the executive regulations of the Traffic Law
  3. Go to the customs office at the border ports to extract the customs declaration to determine the data, including the sender and the addressee by the customs office
  4. No type of transactions are received in the insurance papers at the border crossings, and they are (converting, changing color or changing the shape ……… etc.) and he must go to the technical inspection department, drop and monitor scrap – in Amghara in Al-Jahra governorate to complete the legal procedures. They have.
  5. A vehicle missing one or both of the metal plates shall not be received. An approved report must be brought from the police station regarding the loss of the metal plate, in accordance with the provisions of Article (9) of the Traffic Law.
  6. In the event that there is a legal impediment to the vehicle or its owner in the computer of the General Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior, such as (violations, judicial or administrative seizure, or required installments … etc), the legal impediment must be removed before heading to export the vehicle outside the country through the technical inspection departments At border crossings.