Alqabas reported that the Public Authority for Manpower recently addressed the concerned government agencies regarding the pending financial dues for labor, indicating that the crisis of late salaries for those registered in government contracts and others requires an urgent pause and concerted efforts to solve it radically in parallel with combating the residence trade. According to informed sources, the authority has addressed the Central Tender Agency to liquidate the financial guarantees for the violating companies, in order to perform the financial rights of the workers and hand them over their wages from these guarantees.

The sources pointed out that the repercussions of the residency trade and the breaking of the labor law continued, indicating that the workforce had recently reached serious violations, and it became clear that a number of guards had to leave the country, being in violation of residency, for not renewing work permits for them due to the closure of their companies’ files, while it became clear that some were registered. On bogus company files.

In addition, in parallel with efforts to modify the demographics, efforts continued to provide more jobs for national workers, and to implement the replacement policy in the government sector. A government report obtained by Al-Qabas revealed that 12,000 Kuwaitis would be employed in the private sector during 2020.

And affected by the Corona crisis and not allowing the issuance of new work visas to expatriates, the labor market in the private sector witnessed in 2020 a significant decrease in the number of workers, whether those who left permanently or transferred to join a family, as the market recorded the departure of about 215 thousand residents distributed in 3 sector :إقرأ المزيد