The Red Crescent Society confirmed to continue its efforts during the holy month of Ramadan, by distributing meals to workers in schools and residential areas, supporting needy families in Kuwait, and supporting the needy outside Kuwait.
The General Secretary of the Society Maha Al-Barjas indicated, yesterday, Tuesday, the keenness to continue implementing Ramadan humanitarian projects and the introduction of relief aid to reach all needy families in Kuwait.

Al-Barjas stated that the association is making various efforts, including distributing hot meals, food baskets, hygiene tools and other necessary needs.

They said that the association distributed to needy families nearly 5,000 food baskets sufficient for the family for a whole month, in addition to health materials and gergia for children of needy families, indicating that the association distributes 2000 food baskets daily to workers in all regions of Kuwait, pointing to the distribution of 60,000 meals. To work during the blessed month of Ramadan, taking care to observe health controls and safety and security instructions, in order to preserve the health of everyone.

They added that the association also worked to support the needy and the poor outside Kuwait, in Yemen, Comoros, and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Malawi, Afghanistan and Somalia. She stated that the association always seeks in the holy month of Ramadan to promote the tolerant values ​​by providing the good and benefactors the opportunity to support their brothers in humanity, and to participate in the Ramadan programs implemented by the association.

Al-Barjas praised the volunteers ’efforts and their great activity despite the heat of the weather, expressing her pride in them, especially as they dedicate their time to making community members happy and helping the weak. She called on the private sector, philanthropists in Kuwait and those with white hands to donate, help and support to meet the various needs of the needy throughout the country, stressing that the Kuwaiti humanitarian work will remain a humanitarian beacon despite the increase in natural disasters and humanitarian crises.