Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that The Director General of the Federation of Domestic Workers’ Recruitment Agencies held a meeting with the Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Manpower for Manpower Protection Sector Affairs, Dr. Mubarak Al-Jafour, during which they discussed the terms of the memorandum of understanding on the recruitment of Ethiopian domestic workers.

Federation President Khaled Al-Dakhnan told Al-Jarida that the “workforce” is in the process of finalizing the approval of the items contained in the aforementioned memorandum, and will send them back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, next week, to complete the steps related to the mechanisms of labor recruitment from Addis Ababa.

Al-Dakhnan assured that, upon its approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we will start the procedures for bringing in Ethiopian workers, stressing the importance of making room for the recruitment of domestic workers from several markets, and not restricting the matter to two or three countries only, especially since allowing the recruitment of Ethiopian workers creates a balance in the market. It solves the problems of the shortage of domestic workers that he is currently suffering, especially since the costs and salaries of “Ethiopians” are low, in a way that does not burden the citizen and resident.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had amended some of the items that came in the memorandum of understanding, in a way that preserves the rights of the three parties to the equation (domestic workers, local recruitment agencies, their counterparts in Addis Ababa that export labor).