Yesterday, the electrical loads index began its ascending journey towards setting records, as it crossed for the first time this year the 10,000 megawatts barrier, recording 10,750 megawatts, a difference of 700 megawatts from last Friday.

An official source in the Ministry of Electricity and Water attributed to Al-Rai the high rate of the electrical loads index to the high temperature, which recorded 39 degrees Celsius.

The source explained that “the highest consumption rate this year is expected to reach 15,677 megawatts, while the ministry has a total production capacity of 18,470 megawatts, meaning there will be a surplus of 2,793 megawatts,” indicating that the ministry is ready to skip the summer season.

In a related context, the rate of water consumption exceeded the production rate last Wednesday by 10 million imperial gallons, as the production rate recorded 436 million gallons, while the consumption rate reached 446 million gallons, and the difference was compensated for from the Ministry’s strategic stock, which currently stands at 3 billion and 747 billion gallons. Million imperial gallon

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