Sources in the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport expected the completion of the development of the Seventh Ring Road Express by the end of this year, indicating that the rate of completion of work on the project currently has reached 90 percent.

The sources told that the road and intersections maintenance project for the existing part on the Seventh Ring Road, Contract “240”, includes the modernization and development of the existing seventh ring road, and its conversion into part of the regional road network, “Southern Regional Road, Phase Two”, which is implemented by the Ministry of Works within The development plan to modernize the road network in Kuwait.

She indicated that the project extends from the coastal road, at the intersection of Fahaheel highway with the seventh ring road, to reach beyond the intersection leading to the future airport area, about 5 km, and serves many residential areas, including Fintas, Abu Al Hasaniyah, Al Aqeelah, Abu Fatira, Mubarak Al Kabeer and Jaber Al Ali , And back.

they pointed out that the total length of the roads in the project is about 21.8 km, highways, in addition to secondary roads, slopes and detours, explaining that the number of intersections in the project is 6 surface intersections topped by 6 flyovers, in addition to a tunnel extending under the Seventh Ring Road.

they explained that the project includes all rainwater drainage works, sewage lines, electricity and lighting works, water network works, telephone lines, protection works for gas and oil lines, irrigation network works, ground planning, traffic signs and traffic control works.