Sheep prices increased in the livestock market, during the holy month of Ramadan, until they reached the ceiling of 140 dinars for the local Naimi sheep, which is the best and most sought-after of other varieties, whose prices ranged from 60 dinars to 100 dinars. Safat Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, where the market was quiet in the morning, and everyone was waiting for a customer who wanted to buy, in light of the high prices of sheep, despite the partial ban imposed to combat the spread of the Corona virus.

Ahmed Saeed, a seller in the market, said that the demand for Shefali is more, as it is appropriate in terms of price, which ranges from 60 to 100 dinars, depending on weight and age, pointing out that last year, there was little demand for sheep in Ramadan, due to the lack of Occasions, partial bans imposed on people, and health requirements that prevent gatherings, which have led to a decrease in the percentage of purchases.

Saeed pointed out that most of the importers come from Iran via the Sultanate of Oman by sea, and if sheep were imported from Iran, as before and directly through the port of Doha, they would have been more available and at a lower price.

In turn, the sheep merchant Abu Dawood confirmed that the local Naimi at the age of 3 months sells for 110 dinars, while at the age of 6 months it reaches 140 dinars, as well as the Saudi Al Nuaimi, who approaches him in price, pointing out that «Al Shafali» are sheep that come from Iran, and whenever it is It is known in Kuwait for a longer period, so its meat becomes tastier and more expensive than it was when it was imported, as it is weak in structure and has no meat in it, so it is sold at a lower price.

Abu Dawood advised customers to make sure of the sheep that they buy from auctions remotely, as there is fraud in selling Al-Shafali as Naimi, and a Somali as “Shefali”. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce has a duty to monitor markets and prices, to secure an important food commodity in the month of Ramadan.

In turn, the merchant Bu Hamad emphasized that the purchase through electronic applications with the delivery service, as well as the auctions affected the customers’ demand to buy sheep directly from Safat, pointing out that cheating begins in these places, especially when the customer requests to slaughter and cut it, and he does not know the type and size of the carcass. That he bought it, warning customers not to fall into that and to buy directly from the Safat market and under their Watch, or buy from a man they trust.