The Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information, Musaed Al-Asousi, confirmed that the number of new users to apply my identity has reached more than 40,000 users within just two days, with the entry into force of the law postponing financial obligations to citizens and some government agencies requesting authentication through my identity.

Al-Asousi said that the electronic linking of government agencies with the application of my identity reaps its fruits and proves its effectiveness and reliance on it, which proves the success of the authority in finding a safe and certified digital alternative to the civil card and can be used in all government and private agencies.

He added that one year after the issuance of my identity application, the number of users of the application reached more than one and a half million users, as the application contributed greatly to facilitating the implementation of many services provided by government and private agencies and using it to verify the identity of the individual without using the original civil ID.

It is reported that the application of my identity was officially approved in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers and the decision of the Minister of Interior and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority No. 1/2020 in March 2020.