The citizen service sector, affiliated with the Ministry of Health, played an important and pivotal role during the Corona pandemic, as the sector is currently receiving intense communications from the public about the pandemic.

The “call center” receives incoming calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Arabic and English, regarding inquiries about the Corona virus, medical consultations, requests for drug delivery, general inquiries, complaints and suggestions.

The “151” call center affiliated to the citizen service sector in the Ministry of Health received more than one million calls, including more than 250,000 inquiries during the past three months, by about 80,000 calls and inquiries during last January, about 50,000 during February, and about 120,000. During March 2021, the website and the “WhatsApp” service of the call center witnessed nearly 7,000 communications from the public, which varied between inquiries, suggestions and observations during last March as well.

The Ministry succeeded in providing medical, technical and administrative personnel qualified to respond to inquiries and questions quickly, or call back in the event that they were not answered due to congestion or severe pressure on the part of the public. The activity of the service of “151” improved the mental image of the ministry among the public, because of cooperation And contact from the call center, as the public considered it a window and a link for inquiries and suggestions from the Ministry of Health.