Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that Fish prices witnessed a remarkable increase at the beginning of Ramadan, with the lack of supply of its various types, which made the market witness a weak demand from the public, despite the availability of all types of local fish, whose quantities were small, so they were replaced by the importer.

Al-Rai toured the eastern market yesterday and looked at the selling movement, as it became clear that the turnout was weak, the prices were high, and the market administration’s application of health requirements on market leaders led to a lack of demand.

Majid Fadel, a salesman on one of the stands, says that “due to the partial ban imposed in the country, the market opens its doors from 7 in the morning until 4 and a half in the evening, so the sale is less than the previous years, when the work was continuing until ten at night.” To that all types of fish are present, whether local or imported, but the prices are expensive, as market leaders see it, due to the lack of catches and fishermen, in addition to the lack of tarids that enter the sea for the travel of many fishermen, and decisions to prevent fishing in some places where fish are available, as well as Decisions to ban shrimp hunting .

In turn, the seller, Hussein Ahmadi, said that the demand for the fish market decreases somewhat in the month of Ramadan, and that what is sold is through websites or delivery, without the fish entering the market, as it is sold at prices higher than the market sale. He stated that Souq Sharq is committed to implementing health requirements, in terms of public hygiene and wearing masks, for the owners of stalls and workers, as well as applying them to market leaders, pointing out that “preventing the hunting of shrimp and meadow during the current period reduces the demand for the market, as the mead and shrimp are very popular. Among consumers, the month of Ramadan is when eating fish less, because it contributes to the thirst of the fasting person, which reduces the demand for the market.

Ahmadi indicated that the auction is not held at the current time, as the stalls buy by the kilo from the fishermen, and profit margin according to the decisions of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.محليات/لقاءات-وتحقيقات/السمك-في-رمضان-غالي