Three days after the blessed month of Ramadan, the total commercial air traffic reached 182 flights, including 89 departing and 93 arriving flights to Kuwait International Airport.

According to the statistics, India and the UAE were followed by Saudi Arabia, with one of the highest destinations traveling in departure and arrival, followed by Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain.

In this regard, an official source at Kuwait International Airport told Al-Qabas that the airport’s movement is proceeding routinely and naturally, as the Cabinet’s decision regarding preventing non-Kuwaitis from entering Kuwait remains in effect until further notice, while Kuwaitis and their first-degree relatives and accompanying workers are allowed to enter the country .

The source added, “There has also been no change in the number of arrivals to the country, as it is still within the normal level, so that it does not exceed 1000 passengers per day,” indicating that the medical and technical staff are ready to provide all services to travelers.

And he indicated that all the circulars issued by the civil aviation authorities come in line with the directives of the health authorities in the application of health requirements, in order to maintain the health system, in light of the spread of new strains of the Corona virus in many countries of the world.

On the other hand, an informed source said that the General Administration of Civil Aviation approved the list of accredited laboratories within the MUNA program to ensure the reliability of PCR examination certificates for those coming from Pakistan and the Philippines.

The source stated that the authorities operating at the airport are making every effort to serve travelers, facilitate the movement of the air port, and apply preventive health instructions to prevent the spread of infection. 

Accredited laboratories in the Philippines:

1 – Detoxification Center in Batangas

2 – One scientist’s lab

3- Diagnostic Lab

4 – High Resolution Diagnostic Laboratory – Covid Pass

5 – Swab center

6- Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory.

Accredited laboratories in Pakistan:

1 – Excel Lab Islamabad – Covid Pass

2 – Excel Laboratory Karachi – Covid Pass. 

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