Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The General Administration for Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali issued, today, Thursday, Ministerial Resolution No. 211 of 2021 extending the period for amending the status of violators of the Foreigners Residence Law, and the decision came as follows:

  • Article 1: The period for amending the status of violators of the residency law is extended from 4/15/2021 to 5/15/2021.

Article 2: Whoever violates the Aliens Residence Law during the aforementioned period of this decision will not submit to amend his status, he will be punished by the legally prescribed penalties, and he will not be granted a residence permit and he will be deported from the country and not allowed to return to it again.

The decision comes with the aim of giving more time to violators to amend their situation during the new deadline, and a call to motivate them to take advantage of the opportunity to avoid falling under the penalty of penalties and measures that will be taken by the Ministry of Interior after the expiration of the new deadline.