The Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development, represented by the cooperation sector, managed to solve the egg shortage crisis in the local market, and large quantities of it were provided in the sales outlets of the cooperative societies, after the increase in demand for the product with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, and this was achieved after the associations were allowed to allocate the era Special financial means for the direct import of eggs from abroad.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Cooperation Sector Affairs, Salem Al-Rashidi said: The Ministry dealt quickly with the observations received about the shortage of eggs during the last period in the outlets of cooperative societies, by instructing the Cooperative Supervision Department to circulate to its observers to facilitate the work of societies with regard to the financial covenant, and to allow direct import.

He emphasized that all cooperative societies distributed throughout the regions of the country were well prepared in sufficient time to receive the blessed month of Ramadan in order to be able to provide necessary and complementary commodities and food and consumer materials, especially the societies that are in great demand during the holy month, considering that the overcrowding witnessed by some central markets and branches The cooperative or even parallel markets and wholesale markets are very normal, and usual before Ramadan arrives. We reassure all consumers, citizens and residents, of the abundance of Ramadan commodity stocks and others within “cooperatives” and in large quantities that meet everyone’s needs.