Local Arabic newspaper Alqabas reported that the the return of the high rates of “Corona” infection, and the increase in hospitalization among expatriates in the country, compared to citizens, officials in the Ministry of Health confirmed that allowing the return of entry to the country again will not be done in the near term

Health officials said that the current indicators of the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus in the country are still worrying, despite the almost constant state of daily infection rates for days, excluding that the expected month of Ramadan will witness any amendment or easing of the precautionary measures against the virus, or allowing entry to the country during this April. And until mid-May.

They stated that the numbers recorded during the first 9 days of this April indicate the difficulty of the health authorities issuing any recommendations to ease preventive measures, after the country recorded 10,804 cases of “Corona”, and 74 deaths, during this period.

With regard to vaccinations and the arrival of the third batch of the Oxford vaccine, officials revealed that this batch will not arrive this week, due to the increasing demand, global demand for the vaccine, and the arrival of the second batch to the country a few days ago.

They explained that the Ministry of Health is working to accelerate the arrival of approved batches of vaccines, as well as studying the adoption of other vaccines, such as Moderna and Johnson & Johnson