Apple announced Wednesday. About a new application that enables users around the world to find their lost devices even if they are not from Apple devices, including headphones and e-bikes.

The “Find My” feature enables tracking of the location of lost devices in a way that respects privacy.

The first products that work with the application will be released next week, according to Al-Hurra.

The company announced the app last summer at Apple’s annual development conference and builds on an existing service called Find My iPhone, which is used to find phones from the company’s manufacture.

The company hopes that the app will be a useful feature for its customers that will make them reluctance to go to competing Android devices.

Find My technology uses Apple devices’ wireless Bluetooth signals to create a network of devices searching for lost items. 

The company said that the process is encrypted end-to-end so that only the user knows the location of the lost device.

However, the app is facing lawsuits from Tale and other companies selling competing products.

And “Tail” has filed a lawsuit against Apple in the European Union and the industry group that criticizes Apple.

And in January 2020, Tile’s general counsel, Christine Darrow, testified at a congressional hearing accusing Apple of using its market power to deny its products, including adding pop-ups to iPhone programs asking users to repeatedly agree to allow the TAIL program. “By working in the background.

And “Tile” accused Apple of harassing its products since it started working on the application.

And Apple has expressed its rejection of the company’s accusations, and said its implementation would allow the “Tile” product to work better