Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The response of the Minister of Health to a parliamentary question, in which he disclosed that the Psychiatry Center opened files for more than 36,000 residents between 1953 and 2020, security sources reported that the Ministry of Interior is seriously considering addressing the administration of the Psychiatric Hospital, from Through the Ministry of Health, to provide it with the names of residents registered in the statements of psychiatric patients, to ascertain whether a patient has a driver’s license, and his eligibility to drive the vehicle without endangering his life or the lives of others.

The sources told that the required statement will be based on the decision to withdraw the driver’s license, in the event that it is proven that the expatriate cannot drive the vehicle, given that he is not in his full mental strength, based on the recommendation of the treating doctor.

he added that “the files of arrivals in psychiatry and their numbers have become a cause of concern for the security services, which will study the information they receive and issue strict instructions to deal with this sensitive file.” It indicated that «the Ministry of the Interior has a number of names, whether from citizens or residents who have been caught in drug abuse cases, and who have been placed in psychiatry, and that these names are under security control, especially since the situation of some of them becomes worrying if they do not complete the treatment.