Arabic local newspaper Alqabasreported that The Ministry of Education, in the various sectors and departments concerned, continues its preparations to run the paper-based exam marathon for high school diploma students in exceptional circumstances

The Education Ministry called its counterpart, the Interior, to organize a training course for 300 employees to qualify them on “civil defense measures” and equip them within the rapid intervention teams within the twelfth grade written examinations committees to be held on May 30th.

In a book to the Ministry of Interior, “Education” confirmed that holding tests within 300 committees in all regions needs to be prepared in advance to maintain public safety through the application of health requirements.

She pointed out the need to provide it with a number of volunteers trained by the civil defense (male – female) to take over the task of organizing entry and exit within the examination committees and measuring the temperature, provided that urgent coordination takes place to hold a joint meeting between representatives of the two ministries and the “Red Crescent” to determine the number of volunteers wanted. .

The Ministry also requested the nomination of a specialist by the Civil Defense Department to photograph and record educational videos on how to sterilize and deal with cases of infection, provided that education takes care of preparing the place for filming, recording, montage and output.

Health requirements

In a related context, the Hawalli Educational District placed its introduction on the first rungs of the ladder leading to the twelfth grade exams to be held next May 30, determined in coordination with the Ministry of Health the requirements required in the committees, the most important of which are: obligating the educational body to wear masks inside the classes and the use of transparent barriers between teachers and students “if possible”.

The delegation of the Ministry of Health, during its participation in the training workshop held by the district yesterday, for the heads of the high school committees under the title of training on precautionary measures and the checklist for assessing the application of health requirements for returning paper tests to the twelfth grade, among some other requirements during the organization of the mechanism, including that teachers Explaining and clarifying the correct way to wear and take off the masks for students before the start of the test, stressing that “students and workers in the school should not attend when symptoms appear or there is contact with a confirmed case, and parents must report the student’s confirmed cases or his contact with a confirmed case, so that he will be guided by preventive measures.” .

6 procedures within the test preparation plan

1- Qualifying trainees for rapid intervention in the committees.

2- Coordination with the “Health Ministry” to maintain public safety and implement the requirements. 3- Programs to educate students and workers in the committees about the preventive requirements

3- A mechanism to regulate entry and exit within the examination committees and measuring temperature.

5- Procedures to deal with any cases of corona infection or suspected of being infected.

6- The use of transparent barriers between teachers and students.

7- Advising students and committee workers not to attend when symptoms of Corona appear.

7 thousand students taking the twelfth exams in “Hawalli Education”

The director of the Hawalli Educational Zone, Walid Al-Ghaith, confirmed that, upon the issuance of the Cabinet’s decision to conduct paper exams, the Hawalli District took the initiative to form secondary school committees, and there are 45 committees comprising 7152 students in the twelfth grade and other education classes, indicating that in light of these exceptional circumstances, there must be Of the presence of a body supervising the committees’ preparations, expressing his thanks to the Ministry of Health, which started conducting training workshops on how to prepare the requirements of the secondary committees and how to deal with them, and what are their needs, in addition to training the staff working in them on how to safely manage the committee for our students.

Al-Ghaith said that the Ministry of Health approved the required devices within the committees, and what are the procedures followed and running things according to the prepared plan, and we wish our students success.