The Minister of Health, Dr. Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah, in his response to a parliamentary question directed by MP Ahmed Muti`, confirmed that the plan drawn up by the Ministry of Health to reach the goal was to request quantities of grafts, estimated at 5.7 million doses, which are subject to increase and will be sufficient to vaccinate 2.85 million individuals

Al-Sabah indicated that the end of the vaccination for the target groups is expected to be completed at the end of this year 2021.

He said: The Ministry of Health has the capacity to vaccinate about 20,000 individuals per day, which will allow coverage of all eligible individuals for vaccination, within a period of approximately 8 months.

This depends on the willingness of the targeted community members to receive the vaccine, as well as on the quantities of the vaccine that are received by us.

He explained that the Ministry of Health concluded contracts to supply quantities of a vaccine against the Coronavirus with the Central Department Company, the local agent of the company, “Astrazhnica”, and an agreement with the “Pfizer” company, and an agreement with the Global Vaccine Alliance, Jaffe, pointing out that the Ministry of Health obtained the approvals of all the regulatory authorities.