The assigned assistant undersecretary for the subscriber services sector at the Ministry of Communications, Mohamed Al-Hais , announced that more than (90%) of the optical fiber network project for linking the Ministry of Education schools with five divisions has been completed to cover all parts of the country to provide them with high-speed Internet service (fiber), as it will be provided to schools Education is high speed and high quality, as well as integrated and identical solutions for private networks within a protection system and a high degree of security to reach the digital transformation.

During honoring (40) employees from the subscriber services sector, Al-Hais explained that the honored employees completed a special session on optical fibers that lasted for a week through the “online” to introduce them to the types of fiber cables and methods of their installation, and a special visit was made through On-Line. To the main laboratories in the Republic of China Popular to see the latest devices and technologies in the field of communication and information technology there.