While the Ministry of Health announced a decrease in the rates of infection with the Coronavirus among citizens to less than 55 percent, compared to about 68 percent during some periods of the past months, health sources explained to Al-Rai that “the percentage of decrease among Kuwaitis ranges from 13 to 15. Percentage of daily infection cases, and that the main reason for this is due to the increase in vaccination rates among citizens, which is witnessing a faster pace compared to previous periods, as well as the reduction of gatherings and social events, such as weddings or funeral councils and others .

The sources expected, “surpassing the current peak of the wave within less than two months, with the continued increase in vaccination rates, and the continua

In the details of age groups, the sources revealed «the continuation of the highest infection rates among the youth segment, as the group between 33 and 34 years came at the top of the list of the most injured, followed by the group from 30 to 32 years, then the group between 37 and 39 years, the age group from 41 to 42 years old, followed by the group between 28 to 29 years old, then the group between 42 to 43, and then the group from 24 to 25 years old.

The sources pointed out that these age groups are the most mobile and in contact with other groups of society, pointing out that most of the active cases that are still receiving treatment fall between this segment, whether at the level of citizens or residents.

In the daily figures, recovery cases recorded higher numbers than infections (1330 versus 1282), while death numbers decreased slightly, with 5 cases recorded, with intensive care cases stabilizing at 241.