The Ministry of Interior (MOI) is about to initiate procedures for renewing the residency of expatriates holding Article 19 through the General Administration of Residency Affairs. Article 19 permits an expatriate to hold residency as an investor or foreign partner in a commercial or industrial activity provided the shares of the expatriate should not be less than KD 100,000 as per the conditions laid by the Ministry of Commerce, Al Anbaa reported.

This procedure comes in conjunction with the termination of services for expatriates who do not hold university degrees (holders of high school diplomas and below and have reached the age of 60 years) and the non-renewal of work permits, which means they leave for their homelands except for those who have people close to them and who can sponsor them.

The source confirmed to the daily that the transfer of an expatriate from the residence of Article 18 or 17 to Article 22 is subject to scrutiny.

On the other hand, citizens and residents praised the discipline, commitment, and smoothness of procedures within the administration of Mubarak Al-Kabeer residency affairs, as no people are received who do not have a barcode that allows them to enter and complete transactions.