The Kuwaiti Walking Committee headed by Dr. Mustafa Gohar – one of the sports committees emanating from the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee – confirmed the positive impact of walking during the two hours allowed for exercise during the ban period after 6 pm.

The committee extended its sincere thanks and appreciation to the government for allowing citizens and residents to practice walking for two hours during the ban period after six o’clock, because this practice represents a positive effect that reflects on the health of practitioners and makes it easier for walking enthusiasts to practice their favorite hobby, as well as establishes the value of movement in the life of The human being, the universe around us moves (and everyone in an orbit they swim) .

In turn, the general coordinator of the committee, Mahmoud Sabry, said, “The committee seizes this opportunity to express its great gratitude for this positive approach from the state, and calls upon its members and practitioners to make the best use of this license by practicing the activity of walking on the specified dates while preserving all the precautionary measures recognized For the sake of safety .