Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that Oxford” vaccine against “Covid 19” will arrive in Kuwait tomorrow, while a third batch will arrive next week.

The sources estimated the number of doses at about 250 thousand doses in the second shipment, and the same in the third dose.

They said that the Ministry of Health will reopen health centers for vaccination in health areas and hospitals after the supply of new batches of the AstraZeneca – Oxford vaccine against “Covid 19”, as the vaccine will be received in health areas and hospitals because of the ease with which it is cooled and kept at a normal refrigerator temperature of 2 And up to 8 degrees Celsius.

They explained that the shipments will be supplied and transported directly to the medical warehouses and then distributed to all centers, whether in the Kuwait Vaccination Center in the exhibition grounds in the Mishrif area or hospitals and vaccination centers in the dispensaries, which the Ministry has identified as 15 health centers, with 3 vaccination centers in each health area.

The sources announced that the coming period will witness a doubling of the number of vaccination centers to reach 30 health centers in all health districts, with the supply of new batches of the AstraZeneca – Oxford British vaccine.