The Council of Ministers will review a report on the developments of the Coronavirus epidemic in the country, in its meeting today. The report will include the numbers of new infections, deaths and the number of Corona patients admitted in the Intensive care unit (ICU), Al Qabas reported

Government sources told the daily that the decision to extend the ban during the month of Ramadan will be taken. The report to be submitted to the Council of Ministers indicates a failure to implement health requirements throughout the country, in addition to the need for curfew during the night after monitoring gatherings in the Diwans.

Sources added that the health authorities will assess the need for curfew on a weekly basis in Ramadan, and it is likely that the curfew will be partial.

The MoH will stress the need to perform Tarawih prayers according to the health requirements while reducing the length of the prayers to avoid transmitting infection.

The sources stressed that the Ministry of Health will address all concerned parties to implement the curfew, regardless of any laxity. The role of government teams in monitoring gatherings during Ramadan will also be activated. Regarding the increasing incidence of Corona patients entering intensive care, the sources revealed that the Ministry of Health, in the event that the cases of care increase and reach the stage of danger, will use medical teams from abroad to help local cadres.