Kuwait witnessed an internet outage for almost 10 hours and its ability to communicate with the outside world, after about 60 percent of its Internet services were disrupted locally, as a result of cuts that hit a number of major international cables due to the implementation of road development work.

The Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Rana Al-Faris, announced that an urgent communication had been submitted to the Public Prosecution against those responsible for cutting off and damaging the cables feeding the Internet.

Al-Fares said that the report had been submitted, and the perpetrators were held responsible for all the resulting damages and the legal consequences of that, in addition to applying the penalties contained in the contractor’s contract.

The telecommunications sector, both public and private, witnessed mobilization throughout the day yesterday to secure the return of Internet service, while the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority stated that the problem was caused by the exposure of a number of international cables to several breaks in various directions due to the development of roads between the Umm Al-Hayman station and the Nuwaisib border center, and between the Um Al-Hayman and Al-Zour Division, and between Al-Jahra and Borders Center Al-Salmi.

MP Muhammad Al-Mutair considered that “cutting the cable in three places at the same time “cannot be a coincidence.” The Ministry of Communications indicated that it had spotted a cut in 4 fiber cables belonging to the telecommunications companies “ZAIN” and “stc” in Kuwait, and the connecting cables between the exchanges “BCM” and the international cable between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Informed sources told Al-Rai that the responsible authorities in the telecommunications sector will present a road map that will protect Kuwait from any future interruptions to the Internet, hoping that the plans to be presented will be approved as soon as possible