Coinciding with the launch of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the 18th project to collect charitable donations during the blessed month of Ramadan, Hana Al Hajri, the Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Sector Affairs, announced that donations will be allowed in mosques this year, provided that health requirements are fully adhered to, indicating that fasting breakfast projects in mosques are not permitted. It will be replaced by individual breakfasts.

Yesterday, Al-Hajri stated that, in coordination with government agencies, the “affairs” formed 6 teams to monitor and eliminate donation violations, stressing that it is prohibited for charitable organizations to collect cash donations (cash) with the necessity of commitment to collecting through the use of the licensed means stipulated in the organizing bylaw.

With the preparations for Ramadan, and the Ministry of Health announcing the continuation of vaccination against “Covid 19” during the holy month, the Fatwa Authority of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs announced yesterday that the vaccine injection against the virus “does not break the fast, and there is nothing wrong with taking it during the day in Ramadan.”

The commission added, in its fatwa, that “if the patient gets too tired of fasting because of the injection that he took, or the skilled Muslim doctor advises him to break the fast in order to ward off harm on his behalf and alleviate the pain, it is permissible for him to break the fast, and he must make up after recovery

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