Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that The meeting held yesterday between the Public Authority for Manpower, represented by the departments of organizing the recruitment of domestic workers and foreign relations, and the labor attaché at the Philippine embassy to the country, Nasser Mustafa, resulted in a breakthrough in the crisis that stopped the recruitment of new domestic workers.

According to sources who attended the meeting, the labor attaché informed the “manpower” officials of his country’s resumption of sending new domestic workers to Kuwait at the beginning of next April, after the stoppage of exceeding the year, due to some of the problems faced by Filipino workers, as well as the repercussions associated with the Corona pandemic Closure of airports, suspension of commercial flights, and suspension of new work visas, among other things.

The sources indicated that the decision to resume recruitment came after the Kuwaiti and Filipino sides reached solutions to all pending problems that concern female workers, especially those currently housed in the shelter center and whose rights are registered in various cases, indicating that there are close solutions to this problem.

Recruitment requests

For his part, Bassam Al-Shammari, owner of a domestic labor recruitment company, said, “The Federation of Domestic Labor Export Offices in Manila informed the local offices of the Philippine embassy’s readiness in the country to receive new recruitment requests. The offices began submitting their requests to the embassy,” pointing out that there are some The conditions that Kuwaiti offices must fulfill before approving the applications, including the provision of adequate housing to host the workers until they are received by the employer, and that the office secretariat should not be a domestic worker who holds Article (22) of the residency law, but is registered in the private sector. Article (18) .

Al-Shammari explained that, upon instructions from the Philippine embassy, ​​local offices have begun to count the female workers brought in by the current offices and assets in the country, and contact them, with the aim of ensuring that they are not subjected to any problems or harassment from the employer, and that they receive their dues on a monthly basis without delay, in addition Ensure that they are not forced to work for long periods or assigned to work that exceeds the capacity and breach the contractual formula.