Informed health sources revealed that the number of those registered on the vaccination platform to receive the vaccine against “Covid 19” has approached one million citizens and residents, since the beginning of the campaign until now, pointing out that the number of people who have received the vaccine in Kuwait so far is about half a million people among a citizen. And resident.

The sources confirmed that the Ministry of Health’s plan to expand the vaccination campaign will witness, during the next few days, the vaccination of other new groups, including cooperative societies workers, administrators and others, in addition to mosque workers, including imams, muezzins and workers.

They explained that the ministry will soon allocate medical teams to go to these groups in their workplaces, noting that the ministry’s strategy is to work in two directions, the first is to receive citizens and residents in the various vaccination centers spread in all regions of Kuwait, whether the Kuwait Vaccination Center in the exhibition grounds with a supervisor, or centers The other vaccination is in the clinics designated for this, and the second trend is to go out to specific groups to be vaccinated in their workplaces and sites, pointing out that these medical teams will start their work within days.

The sources pointed out that this step will be launched as soon as quantities of the vaccine arrive in the country during the next few days, with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the vaccination process.

They stressed the importance of vaccination during the current and coming period, especially in light of the significant increase in the number of deaths, injuries and intensive care of all groups, whether the elderly or young people or even children and young people, during the past two months.

The sources warned of the increasing number of infections among children and young people, calling on parents to follow up on their children, urging them to wear a mask and to adhere to health requirements and precautionary measures when going out, stressing the importance of caution.