In implementation of the directives of the Council of Ministers, the General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular exempting travelers coming to the country who received the anti-Coronavirus vaccine approved in Kuwait from institutional quarantine.

The administration said that based on the directives of the competent authorities, please act on the following:

1- Exempt from applying the institutional quarantine for those coming to the country who received the vaccine approved in the State of Kuwait for the Coronavirus according to the following categories:

A – Those who received two doses of the vaccine and more than two weeks passed the second dose.

B – Those who received one dose of the vaccine and were more than five weeks old.

A – Those who recovered from infection with the Coronavirus, received one dose of the vaccine, and more than two weeks passed on it.

It indicated that whoever applies to the aforementioned groups is home quarantine for a period of seven days, and then a PCR examination is performed on the seventh day from the date of arrival.

The administration affirmed that Kuwaiti students and children of Kuwaiti women who are studying abroad will be excluded from institutional quarantine in the event of submitting a book issued by the cultural attaché of the State of Kuwait stating that the student is enrolled in an external university or submitting proof of their enrollment in universities, institutes or schools and their regularity in study.