The Health Insurance Hospitals Company, Dhaman is continuing to implement its plan to complete the construction of its health care system to receive residents working in the health sector and their families.

The cost of health insurance for the beneficiaries is to be set at KD 130 but a guarantee company is studying various options, including designing insurance policies at reduced prices for families, Al Anbaa reported quoting sources.

The sources told the daily that Dhaman will finish equipping 5 primary health care centers by the end of 2021. There would be 20 clinics in each center that provide family medicine, pediatrics, and dental clinics in addition to radiology and laboratory services.

In addition to these primary health care centers, Dhaman hospitals in the Ahmadi and Jahra regions will be equipped with a capacity of 300 beds in each hospital. Dhaman Company completes the first phase in its health care system by equipping all facilities with the best equipment and technologies and with distinguished medical and administrative staff.

The sources added that by the beginning of 2022, the company will have fulfilled all the requirements to receive its target group of beneficiaries from the new mandatory health insurance and begin their transition phase to Dhaman’s facilities and provide integrated health care services.

The sources emphasized that Dhaman is coordinating with the Ministries of Health and Interior and the responsible authorities for the process of relocating residents and their families, and launching large introductory campaigns to ensure the smoothness and smoothness of the transfer process.