The Council of Ministers is considering lifting the partial curfew imposed from 5 pm to 5 am, Al Anbaa reported quoting high-ranking financial and economic sources.

The sources told the daily that the council’s decision to review the curfew after reassessing the health situation in the country will take time and the council needs to take into account several other reasons.

The most important of which is the continued increase in the number of coronavirus cases under partial curfew despite the decrease in swabs. Another important reason is that the month of Ramadan is approaching and the curfew timing for food delivery is contradicting.

The continuation of partial curfew would not permit restaurants to deliver meals to break the fast in the evening and it will even prevent restaurants from delivering until after the time of suhoor. It is not appropriate during Ramadan to allow cooperative societies and parallel markets to receive barcode holders from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. only, as people need to purchase Suhoor items too.

The sources listed the main reasons for the failure of the curfew. They said that the continuation of the gathering of one Kuwaiti family, some of which includes their married children and grandchildren in one house is also contributing to an increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

Another reason for the coronavirus number increase is the gathering of expatriates in apartments with limited space for a period of no less than 14 hours in an air circuit that does not renew due to the presence of central air conditioning, which led to the infection of the entire families, including children.

Sources pointed out that the large gatherings that could cause an increase in the number of cases are the gatherings of chalets, farms, and morning weddings, and it is better to focus police efforts to implement the law and take measures that prevent gatherings in these areas.

The tremendous efforts of the government and its approval of the required budget for the purchase of vaccines since the beginning of the pandemic last year and the Minister of Health’s tremendous efforts to increase vaccine shipments require government action, for example, to make the vaccination certificate as equal as the civil ID card.

The Ministry of Health stated that the increase in intensive care patients and the deaths that are occurring now are in cases before the curfew. Economists have responded that the daily increase in the number of infected people is conclusive evidence that the partial curfew did not produce the desired results.