Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that the statement of the labor attache at the Philippine embassy in the country, Nasser Mustafa, that there is a Kuwaiti-Filipino agreement to resume the recruitment of new domestic workers to Kuwait next April, in the event that all problems are addressed during the current month, the head of the Federation of Domestic Workers Recruitment Agencies, Khaled Al-Dakhnan, that the Union has not officially notified, on the Philippine side, a specific date for the resumption of recruitment, stressing, at the same time, that the process of recruiting new workers is very imminent.

Al-Dakhnan explained that Mustafa assured us during the meeting that we held, last Monday, with the Filipino Minister of Labor and the leaders of the Ministry, that the decision to resume recruitment will be taken after the upcoming meeting between the embassy and the Public Authority for Manpower, represented by the Department of Organizing the Recruitment of Domestic Workers. To discuss some matters, “it is expected that the recruitment will resume after this meeting, and after submitting a detailed report from the labor attaché to the Ministry of Labor in Manila, and then reopening.

Al-Dakhnan said, “The requirement to provide a telephone for the domestic worker is not new, rather it was included in the terms of the agreement that was concluded between the Kuwaiti and Filipino sides in February 2020, upon the signing of the joint memorandum of understanding on the recruitment of domestic workers, as the two sides agreed to allow the domestic worker to keep her personal phone while at work. Not that the employer can afford to buy a new phone for her. “

The labor attaché of the Philippine embassy confirmed the validity of the new tripartite work contract for domestic workers who will enter Kuwait during the coming period, explaining that all matters have been settled with the Kuwaiti side, except for some other technical issues, stressing that the Minister of Labor confirmed his firm position on the need to apply All provisions of the triple contract.