Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that The Ministry of Education has invited all students 16 years and over to register on the Ministry of Health website to receive the “Covid-19” vaccine.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Special and Quality Education, Dr. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Huwaila, said that all employees of private schools with different educational systems, and male and female students over the age of 16 are invited to register to receive vaccinations.

Al-Huwaila explained that the health authorities in the country recommended the initiative to register for vaccination in order to protect all people and contribute to accelerating access to community immunity, as it is the only way out of the current Corona crisis and return to normal life.

And he indicated that this call comes in light of the results of coordination between the Ministries of Health and Education, by adding all members of the educational and administrative bodies in special education schools, within the category of workers in basic services and who have priority in vaccination.

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