The utilization of hospital beds for Covid-19 patients in the specialized ward at the Al-Adan Hospital is at 60%, while the occupancy rate of intensive care beds reached about 70%, Al Jarida reported quoting sources.

The sources also told the daily that the occupancy rate of wards and intensive care beds allocated to Covid 19 patients in Al-Adan Hospital and other hospitals has witnessed a remarkable increase since the beginning of last February.

The number of patients receiving treatment in the intensive care unit at Al-Adan Hospital reached 26 patients, pointing out that the total number of intensive care beds in the hospital is 38.

The total number of Covid 19 wards in Al-Adan Hospital is 4, and due to the increase in the number of patients, a new wing was opened, the fifth in the hospital, and it contains 16 beds.

Last September, the hospital used to receive 5 to 7 cases per day, but now it receives 15 to 20 cases per day.

Source told the daily that reliance of intensive care departments in hospitals on some types of cortisone drugs to treat cases that suffer from severe symptoms contributed to reducing the death rate and the increase in the recovery rate.