Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that the Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, announced that the return of students to schools in its various stages will take place next September with the beginning of the new academic year, indicating that all educational and administrative bodies will be vaccinated in schools next month.

During his meeting with a delegation from the Kuwaiti Scouts Association, the minister urged the Kuwaiti people to take the vaccine in order to preserve the health and safety of souls, pointing out that so far 400,000 have been vaccinated, in addition to half of the elderly Kuwaitis registered in the civil service and those who registered have been vaccinated, while about a quarter of adults have been vaccinated. Older foreigners have been vaccinated, and there are between 80 to 100 elderly people who are vaccinated on a daily basis at home

He mentioned that we are continuing the vaccination process, and with the advent of Eid al-Fitr, we will have vaccinated a million people, God willing, and with the increase in awareness and turnout by people until next September, we will reach two million people with the start of school students ’attendance, in which life will return naturally, noting that the vaccination will be Approximately 120 thousand from among teachers and administrators in education with cooperative societies, hairdressers and banks in the month of April.