The mechanism of vaccinations against “Covid 19” has moved at an accelerated pace during the past few days, to exceed the number of people who received the vaccination 400 thousand people, in conjunction with an increasing also in the number of those registered on the vaccination platform, whose number reached 6,500 registered yesterday, bringing the number of registered persons to More than 700,000 people, which strengthens the Ministry of Health’s expectations that vaccinations will exceed the two million mark next September, and achieve community immunity that leads to the restoration of normal life.

Informed health sources revealed that the numbers registered on the platform increased by more than 150,000 people within a month, reaching about 550,000 people during last February, and as of mid-March it reached more than 700,000 people, noting that some days witnessed more than 7,000 registrations. A person between a citizen and a resident.

The sources emphasized that people are certain that vaccination is the only way out of the crisis, and then return to normal life, raising the proportions and numbers of those registered to receive the emerging coronavirus vaccine.

The sources indicated that the increasing number of vaccinated people worldwide, which reached more than 377 million people, doubled the assurances of the safety of vaccines.